How bad was the destruction in Peraliya and the larger Hikkaduwa region it is part of?

Peraliya village stats

No of families living in Peraliya before the Tsunami 550
No of families living in Peraliya after the Tsunami 407
No of families with no survivors 5
No of people who died in Peraliya approx 2,500(plus train victims)
No of houses before the Tsunami 420
No of houses after the Tsunami 10

The villagers expect the rebuilding work to be completed by the end of 2005

Divisional Secretarial Hikkaduwa stats
(includes town of Hikkaduwa, Peraliya and other surrounding villages)

Post Tsunami Overview
Health Help Foundation
Dr Kamal Perara (secretary MBBS Ė Sri Lanka)
Info Office. Hikkaduwa Medical Centre
No. 42 Amarasena Mawatha, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.
Tel. 091 22 77504
Mobile. 077 66 56357

Displaced families and persons
No. of displaced families 9,209
No. of displaced persons 38,647

No. of camps 32
No. of families in camps 3,744
No. of persons in camps 13,264

Male over 18 485
Female over 18 334
Male under 18 78
Female under 18 53
Total 1,053

No. of missing
Male 165
Female 168
Children 196
Total 519

Male 117
Female 117
Total 234

Unidentified 114

Dead/missing school children
Male 32
Female 26

Dead missing children 91

Fully destroyed 3164
Partially damaged 2205

Commercial Industries (buildings)
Fully destroyed 381
Partially damaged 323
Business affected 225
Industries affected 87
Others affected 88

Govít Buildings damaged
Educational Buildings 17
Div Sec Offices 1
Others 77