About the volunteers who have spent time at Peraliya. They aren't all still here but their help has been invaluable

Volunteers... old and new

Aiyypyge Darmadasa - Village chief

Oscar Gubernati, Italy - Director of Finance

A 35-year-old film producer from Palermo, Italy. He moved to the United States in 1989 and has worked on a number of independent films. He is the former executive director of the Humanitarian Artists Foundation and currently teaches at NYU. His lives in New York City.

Alison Thompson, Australian New Yorker - Hospital Director.

A humanitarian and volunteer who has lived in New York for 20 years. She has worked in a number of careers including time as a medic, cricket player, Math teacher, Investment banker and Film Director. Ms Thompson was nursing people under the Twin Towers after the first Tower had collapsed and fled from the 2nd collapse. She volunteered at Ground Zero for 9 months and was joined by two Sri Lankan nurses who inspired her to return to Sri Lanka. She was born in Sydney, Australia and lives in New York City which she considers home.

Bruce French, USA - Head of logistics

A 45-year-old private chef from Telluride, Colorado and lives at 3,000m above sea level. He has worked as a tour chef for bands including Def Leppard, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chilli Peppers among others. Mr French first visited Sri Lanka ten years ago on a round-the-world sailing trip and spent a month riding a motorcycle around the island. He knew he would return some day but did not dream it would be as a volunteer. He felt he could not wait for someone else to do something.

Don Paterson, Australia - Head of Operations

A 38-year-old retired Australian army engineer from Newcastle, New South Wales Australia. Mr Patersonís army training brings a range of skills including medical, operational organisation, deployment of plant vehicles and resources and man management.

Chamila Pryanthi, Sri Lanka - Hospital co-ordinator/Translator

Stefan Birckmann, Germany - Arts programme

James Ellis, UK - Admin//Webmaster

Dr Sebastian Pleuse:) Germany

Rheinhold Kostermann. Germany - Head of German Paramedics

Dr Alain Farah, Our first Surgeon:) France

Detlev A. Tute. Hamlyn Germany, Paramedic

Juliet Coombe, UK - Volunteer

Fabio Sciarrini, Italy - Logistics

Paola Sciarrini, Italy - Logistics

Dr Henning Danmeier:) Germany

Marjolein Brazs, Holland - Volunteer

Kris Reed:) Australia - Nurse

Jo Radcliffe:) UK - Volunteer

Rob Nossiter:) UK - Volunteer

Peter Nossiter, UK - Volunteer

Esther Williamson, UK - Volunteer

Rev Thich Phap Chon:) Vietnam - Volunteer

Silver Virage, Hamlyn Germany, Translator

Mahinda, Hamlyn Germany, Great electrician!

Susan Taft, UK - Volunteer

Jens Kladen, Germany - Paramedic

Monica Glanert, Germany - Nurse

Matthias Thomas, Hamlyn Germany - Paramedic

Marc, Hamlyn Germany-Paramedic

Michael Gottwald:) Austria - Doctor

Gesche Cook, Germany - Nurse

Ginnie Mehar, Sri Lanka - translator

Dr Franz Schools:) Holland

Josca Verbouen, Holland - Nurse

Reinder Pas, Holland - TCNN Nurse

Dominique Le Mener, France - Nurse

Valerie Verse, France - Nurse

Bettium Blohm, Germany - Nurse

Dietmar Rabe, Germany - Paramedic

Wal, New Zealand - Volunteer

Hans Kimmering, Germany - Electrician

Tom Brand, Germany - Electrician

Raj Chohan, UK - Volunteer

Umur Chohan, UK - Volunteer

Vijay Chohan, UK - Volunteer

Andy Blackmore, UK - Photographer

Adam Phillips, Australia - Volunteer

Saskia Ketel, Holland - Childrens' programme

Sonja Vlug, Holland - Childrens' programme

Captain Barry:) USA - Plumber

Christian Berghold, Austria - Water support

Emily Green, USA - Volunteer

Helen Nossiter, UK - Volunteer

Martina Pfister:) Austria - Volunteer

Morelli Umbertino, Italy - Volunteer

Tamara Heusler:) Austria - Volunteer

Hamlyn Germany.